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ABRAZIL supplies the highest quality of natural ingredients! See why...

We only use the highest grade raw materials, and as an easy proof of our quality, one can actually taste the original authentic palm berry puree flavors from our spray dried açaí powder! The basic organoleptic properties are kept without additives while maintaining the color and the highest level of nutrients including antioxidants.

In fact, a significant quality difference can be seen by naked eye and tasted by simply comparing with other açaí powders in the market.

Our spray dried açaí powder goes through strict process that eliminates contaminants, seed grits and unwanted matters that only increase the final product bulk weight.

As a matter of fact, our powder passes through three different filtration during the entire process, creating a very smooth powder. The process heats up the powder for a few short seconds to make it more sterile. (the spray drying is the same manufacturing process used to make baby milk formula)

Another important observation regarding ABRAZIL spray dried powder is mass produced with an average moisture level that is two to three lower than what market offers. Our average loss on drying level is in the 2%...

All our fruits are grown without any use of fertilizers, or harvested from nature that is pesticides free, away from agriculture areas.

The leading supplier of quality Superfruits, Super ORAC, Super Anti-oxidant.

Current Product Highlight: AÇAÍ PALM BERRY SUPERFRUIT

Acai ORAC chartclick to enlarge

The comparison chart shows ABRAZIL leadership in Açaí products.

We've developed açaí ingredients with the highest ORAC and polyphenols levels that is 100% from the açaí fruits. Our spray dried açaí powders taste like freshly de-pulped fruits and carefully produced like baby milk powder formulas. (an advertisement in the Natural Products Insider 2009 Directory, located at page 91, Fall/Winter Buyer's Guide)


Açaí fruit improves survival of flies on a high fat diet: NIH study based on high antioxidant (ORAC) açaí from ABRAZIL (FULL-TEXT PDF)

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