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ABRAZIL.net supplies the highest quality of the natural ingredients within functional food and beverages for the food and supplement industries.

Our products are natural ingredients without any chemicals or artificial preservatives. We believe in organic products as the standard, and all food products for human consumption absolutely free from any harmful chemical pesticides, chemical preservatives and additives to gain back a good health.

What is unique about our manufacturing capabilities?

  • Our customers can deal directly with one responsible company to gain better control of quality assurance to meet stricter cGMP requirements.

  • Our customers gain access of the batch traceability from the origin of raw materials.

  • Our position with a vast network of direct local for raw materials source enable us to deliver the highest purity with very competitive price.

Our Continuous Efforts

  • Preserving/packaging natural ingredients without chemicals
  • Re-introducing common ingredients in more natural states
  • Applying novel technology in food and dietary supplements
  • Promoting healthy immune system with novel ingredients


Great advantages of R&D cooperation:
1. Capacity to deliver authentic botanical plants
2. Eliminate unreliable harvest from wilderness replacing with organic agro-technology crops.
3. Establish a cleaner process for raw materials without contaminations from unsanitary processes.
4. Capacity to preserve and conserve bank of the best plant seeds genetic DNA of species.
5. One step forward, we can identify better medicinal plants for improved health benefits.

Our cooperation with University of Unicamp