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Our Mission

We are an organization that is committed to improve the physical and mental well being of mankind, and to preserve and improve the environment that we live in.

Our Vision

We will accomplish our vision by employing our abilities to produce natural ingredients without any chemicals or pesticides to destroy the environment and the human health.

Our parents took advantages of chemicals convenience to farm with global companies' chemical products trusting to be harmless, but their lives and many others were cut short.

Our responsibility is to use our wisdom and advanced sciences to apply them to product development and technological breakthrough. We strongly believe that individual diversity, creativity, stewardship and collaborative effort based on our core value is the best way to fulfill our vision.

We will dissimilate knowledge through education and make our products natural, environmentally friendly, but also affordable to benefit the general public.

Current technology efforts

  • Preserving/packaging natural ingredients without chemicals
  • Introduce common ingredients in a new natural forms
  • Apply novel technology in food and dietary supplements
  • Promote immune health with beta-glucan1 and novel ingredients

[1] What is β-GLUCAN (beta-glucan)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_glucan

Current Ingredients Highlight
abrazil's ingredients

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”
- Hippocrates 460-359 B.C., Father of Modern Medicine