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About Us

ABRAZIL seeks to promote and restore health through the use of a comprehensive range of natural products that represent the cutting edge of 21st century discoveries of powerful natural ingredients.

We bring not just clean natural products like the ancient time when there were no man-made chemicals, but to introduce novel ingredients that will help to cleanse and repair our exposure to existing harmful products that we come in contact on daily basis.

We believe that most of the human body challenges such as health problems and diseases come from artificially introduced foreign chemicals into our bodies and our inability to eliminate or coexist with them. 

Shortcoming of modern medicine

Although modern Medicine has done wonders to alleviate acute conditions such as infectious diseases, it still has a long way to go to alleviate chronic ailments. Recall that over 90% of all diseases that you can possibly name or come across are chronic, or stem from chronic conditions. Towards these diseases, modern Medicine has found effective means to alleviate the signs or symptoms but less often are the roots addressed.

Our Quest...

  • ...for optimal health, we attend to balance, harmony, resonance, and safety. We see the lack of balance, harmony, and resonance as the key reasons to why there are so many chronic diseases today. We believe that good health can only be restored through a complete, whole body-mind transformation. Short of this radical transformation, healing is unattainable and would be akin to placing a band-aid rather than addressing the root cause.
  • ...we firmly believe that health is not bestowed but earned hard through a change in one’s lifestyle through ingestion of adequate and nutritious foods, through attendance to exercising properly, and through a proper understanding of the many factors that affect one’s health, and not just taking one or two medications.
  • ...health must be actively pursued, rather than passively acquired through medications! In most cases, we are certain that optimal health can be achieved through daily preventive measures rather than relying on emergency measures after disease symptoms have flared up.
  • ...our intention is to efficiently deliver high-quality natural products to everyone in needs.


“You can trace every sickness, every ailment, and every disease to a mineral deficiency.”
- Linus Pauling, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner